Tall Muscle Keny Dating Short Guy

Abigail advised her brother, Noah, not to go alone. She was worried that yesterday’s incident happened again.

Noah actually didn’t like it when she acted like she was more mature than him because in reality he was 10 years older than Abigail. Abigail is still 19 years old while he is 29 years old.

But he could not do anything, he accepted his fate if he had a small and short body. While Abigail has a tall and large body. This makes Abigail stronger than him and certainly more dominant.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door.

After the door opened, a tall, muscular female figure was in front of the door. She is Keny.

Apparently Keny had already called Abigail if he was coming to take Noah to go somewhere. Noah doesn’t know if Keny has this plan.

Noah’s short body between Abigail and Keny made him like a dwarf between two giant women. Noah’s height under Abigail’s breasts made him tired because he always had to look up.

Then Noah and Keny left. While Abigail is getting ready to go to college. Noah’s hand was taken by Keny’s hand like a child by her mother.

They are waiting for a taxi. Shortly after the taxi they ordered arrived.

The taxi drove them to a mountain spot where the road was not yet paved. Noah did not know about this place. But Keny seems to be familiar with this place.

Mountain roads that go up and down make Noah tired. He asked to rest.

Keny refused Noah’s request because she didn’t feel tired. She even lifted Noah lightly. At times like that, Noah felt small but he was aroused.

Keny carrying Noah while continuing the journey. Noah felt comfortable in the arms of this big woman.

The journey they took turns out to be still long. But Keny does not feel tired.

The road they went through was very steep and difficult.

Finally they arrived at a place like a mountain peak, but this was not a mountain. Noah was amazed by the surrounding scenery. Keny was happy to see Noah’s expression.

Noah asked to come down from Keny’s arms. Then he expressed his amazement. The wind that blew made Keny’s hair waving.

What amazed Noah the most was the high waterfall in front of them.

While resting, Noah thanked Keny for inviting him to a place like this. Then he sat on Keny’s lap with his faces facing each other. And they kissed.

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